Cafe Latte In Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is a world class city, well worth your time to visit. As I wrapped up my tour of part of Eastern Europe I enjoyed my last Latte sitting by one of the many bays that surround this tree filled city.The rolling hills are very attractive and a good work out as well. I counted over 375 stairs from the beach to my bedroom at the top of one of those hills.You will see one of the main reasons for a visit to Dubrovnik in this photo of the old town taken from the ramparts of the very sturdy walls that surround the town.


The old town is not as old as it was since it was shelled by the Yugoslavian army back in 1990. This shelling of this non-military target resulted in about 70% of the town being destroyed. Other nations of the world were shocked by this action and since that time monies have come in to help rebuild this world heritage site. Some of the red roofs are not as faded as their old neighbors as they are part of the rebuilding process.

In the shelling lives were lost, firemen, police, or simply neighbors helping neighbor and you will perceive a shadow of sadness that lingers as you go through the small gallery dedicated to those who lost their lives. It is a great victory for the people of Dubrovnik that they have risen above this past tragedy. They live life joyfully and generously.

If you love fortified ancient towns as much as I do, then plan your visit to enjoy this gem of Croatia. Afterwards, you can rest on one of the many local beaches or simply stop at an outdoor restaurant to enjoy your café latte.