Ljubljana: It’s old world charm

Perhaps you have not put Slovenia on your travel itinerary.  Let me persuade you to change plans. The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana has an old world charm that you will want to curl up in and relax. The meandering Ljubljana River that runs through the city hosts numerous outdoor coffee restaurants, so you can sit under a red umbrella and watch the boats on the water or the many folks out for a stroll along the canal. It has a relaxed Viennese coffee culture flavor.  The local people are laid-back and friendly.

Later in the day you can visit restaurants or pubs along the river once again for great food and a chat over a pint or two.  There are some wonderful microbreweries that will not disappoint you for their variety and quality.

I enjoyed the farmers market which had a large variety of delicious local produce.  It is open every day of the week except Sundays.  If you wanted fresh bread, it was magically arriving out of an oven a baker had mounted in the back of his truck; the aroma of fresh baked bread was entrancing. A fresh loaf of crusty bread some local cheese and your lunch is ready.

An old tradition celebrated in the town for the tourists, and because they enjoy it, is the punishment of the bad baker.  They have their baker dressed all in white, a declaration of his misdeeds is read out to the town assembled, and then with an old style winch, they lower him in a basket into the river to punish him.  They do not drown him, but the river is cold.  It is a great public spectacle and fun to be there with the locals.  Certainly, you won’t find any bad buns in this community.  Visit Ljubljana and enjoy!