The True Joy of Skiing

Recently I took up downhill skiing again. Now that may not surprise you, lots of people do, however it has been about 20 years since I skied. I took a lesson to pick up on the new style of equipment. One of the main things I noticed, I’d forgotten how much fun it is.

The fun got to me, so I went out and got new equipment. I decided to help my grandson M learn to ski. M is 9 turning 10 this spring. I got him one lesson on the local mountain and then we began to ski together. I skied close beside him giving him pointers and helping him down the mountain.

Now let me explain that I am a green level skier. I grew up in Winnipeg where the closest thing to a mountain was that pile of snow you shoveled up at the end of your driveway. I finally had a chance for a lesson or two when I was about 35. I never wanted to be a hot-shot skier, rather someone who could go out and enjoy their day and return with all limbs intact.

By the second or third trip to the mountains I had pretty much taught M all that I know. I was working harder and harder to keep up with him as we headed down the mountain. I noticed that he was looking for extra jumps at the edge of the run. Occasionally now he would ask, “Let’s do this blue run”. I stalled for time.

One sunny perfect day I watched him flying down the mountain, a great joy welled up in me as I saw his exuberance and freedom.

When you are a grandfather, what can create greater more joy and happiness than this? Teach them what you know and Watch Them Fly!

A favorite ski hill